Unparalleled Features

Real Appraiser is a complete cloud based workflow automation platform which automates all the business functions and processes of a valuation agency.

Field Data Collection Application.

  • Application can run on any android Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Field staff can collect’s data from any remote site and transfer it real-time to office, any number of field can staff can work simultaneously no more wait for report generation.
  • It is simple to use and can be configured to collect data in any format as required.
  • Filed engineer will automatically receive the valuation case from office along with any documents required, also any documents can also be sent back to office through the App.
  • Ability to receive valuation case request from office and prepopulate with generic details of the valuation case and ability to search information.
  • Application built to work on both online and offline mode.
  • Download data in CSV format eliminating need for duplication of work.
  • Take photos and capture latitude – longitude details and upload on real time basis.
  • Visually plan your day with Calendar integration, maps, navigation support, routing suggestions.
  • Communicate with office directly through the application.
  • Keep track of all cases submitted to office.

Work Flow Management (Automate Work and Increase Efficiency)

  • Easy configuration of your process from case initiation to data collection to report generation.
  • You can define simple process of two users such as filed engineer and report maker or you can define process involving case initiator, field engineer, report maker, report checker to report finalizer Completely flexible.
  • Each user can be assigned roles with right to access information based on policy.
  • Notification at every step of completion so to every user no one is waiting, quick approval and higher efficiency.
  • Dash board allows every user to keep track of every case assigned to them and the status of the case.
  • Complete flexibility to change/modify the report at every stage or to resubmit.

Valuation Report Generation.

  • We support standard report template for the most housing finance companies and bank.
  • Easy to add any new report format in 30 minutes, no tech skills are required.
  • Automatically generate valuation report in any required format with your logo and increase productivity by at least 60%, no spelling errors, less formatting trouble, consistent report.
  • Generate different report templates using the same property data.
  • Manage history and instant searching of your old report.
  • Generate and edit valuation report in MS Word and PDF format.
  • You generate your own custom reports with google map, GIS and images.
  • Reference checking and comparison of property report based on any number of parameters this will help you to reduce your time, improve the quality, reducing risk and more profits.

Management Reporting.

  • Built-in reports, graphs and maps give you commonly used indicators of how your business is performing.
  • Real time monitoring dashboard for overall business.
  • Performance dashboards for all offices, employees making it easier to track individual processes and key performance indicators.
  • Identify bottlenecks using the power of analytics and take remedial measures to improve efficiency.

Account Management.

  • Invoicing – create professional sales invoices for services and send to client via the platform
  • Keep tab on your receivables from clients and set regular follow up protocols until received and record
  • Payroll Management and create and track incentive management programs for employees
  • Identify your most valuable accounts and deals with reports. With a wide range of available reports, you can quickly assess your priorities and complete tasks for important customers in a timely manner. Reports also help you see which accounts are your most valuable, so you can assign your best team members to those accounts.


  • Information on similar properties near the property being valued from your own database. This will act as a reference.
  • Historical trends of the property if the property being valued has been valued earlier and exists in database.
  • Real time interactive reports with maps showing GIS location of the property and important landmarks.


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